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Chobe, a wildlife mecca 


Northern Botswana is home to the largest population of elephants in Africa, and the life giving waters and rich grazing on the flood plains of the Chobe River attract some of the largest concentrations of these magnificent giants of the bush.


Besides the elephants, the Chobe River and surrounding woodlands support an incredible diversity of animals and has developed a reputation of being one of the great wildlife destinations in Africa. From large herds of elephants swimming in the Chobe river, zebra and buffalo grazing on the floodplains, giraffes feeding on the acacias trees and shy roan and sable antelope ghosting through the teak forests, there is always something of interest. Combine the above with some of the highest predator densities in Botswana (Lion, Leopard, Wild Dog and Hyaena) and it is clear why this is such a wildlife mecca.

In addition to the mammals, the Chobe River is also home to over three hundred bird species and is one of the top birding destinations in Botswana.

Local Communities

The lodge is also located within the tribal lands of the Sibuya people. The Sibuya inhabit the low lying flood plains that occur between the Chobe River (Botswana) through the Caprivi (Namibia) to the Zambezi River (Zambia). Specialising in subsistence fishing you will see the fishermen crisscrossing the waterways and floodplains in the traditional dugout canoes known as mekoros. Small scale livestock and crop farming is also carried out throughout the region. As this area falls within a wildlife protection zone, there are no fences separating people from wildlife and the Sibuya have learnt to co-exist with the wild animals that call this area home